Thursday, August 30, 2012

I am a Seminarian!

It has been a while since I wrote a blog and shared my thoughts with the world, so I thought I would take time this morning and write about my adventure to Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

I left on Thursday August 23 for what was suppose to be 8ish hours to Little Rock, Arkansas.  12 hours later, 3 of which were spent around Nashville, I arrived at my hotel and crashed.  The next morning I checked out and walked out the doors to find my rear passenger tire to be flat.  After using a can of fix a flat I found the nearest tire place to get a replacement.  They informed me that they could not even look at my car until 5pm and sent me down the road where two nice gentlemen looked at it, told me I needed a new tire and sent me to another store because they did not have any in stock.  FINALLY around noon my car had a new tire and I was on the road again.  I found myself completely worn out after touring the Little Rock tire stores and decided I should stay outside Dallas on Friday evening instead of pushing through to Austin.  Dallas was pretty uneventful as I pretty much crashed into my bed and slept until the next morning.  Saturday I made the final 3 hour push to Austin and after 3 days of driving adventures I was in my new home!

I spent the weekend unpacking and organizing my stuff because I knew Orientation would leave me little time to do so.  I also did my best to drive around Austin and find my way around-which I am getting pretty good at. I also attended a church in South Austin on Sunday-the sermon was great and the people were super nice-and had Tex-Mex for lunch (lots of that around here).

Wednesday began Orientation.  7:30am came way too early as I was entirely too anxious to sleep Tuesday evening.  But I got myself out of bed (more like the Spirit pulled the covers off me and told me to get my butt up!) made a pot of coffee and headed to breakfast and the rest of the days events.  It was great to meet classmates, professors, and other very helpful and lovely people around here.  Everyone is so excited about journeying through this theological education together and I too am ready and excited for the journey.

In my quiet time this morning I thought about where I am right now, who God has called me to be this day, and I am excited.  I am ready for new friends, new adventures, and continued learning as this new chapter in my life comes to life.  I realize how beautiful it is to observe God at work in so many lives and then to remember that God is not just at work here at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, but God is at work in all of us, in this entire world, and that is something to be excited about! 

I look forward to sharing this journey with everyone around me.  I look forward to learning with my classmates, professors, and friends.  And I look forward to being open to the movement of the Spirit, to being aware of God's work in me, in others, and in the world.  I look forward to these next 3 years and the rest of this life God has called me to!

Peace be within you all,