Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Madam Moderator Cynthia Bolbach

I was saddened this morning when I heard that Cindy had been moved into hospice care and go to bed in many ways with a heavy heart and in others ways so very happy that a wonderful servant is with her Maker.  After being a YAAD to the 219th GA and watching Cindy journey as moderator of the assembly. I like many of my peers fell in love with her.  Cindy had a heart for the church like I had never seen before.
I continued to be in conversation with Cindy via facebook leading up to her preaching at a Synod meeting I was attending as a ruling elder commissioner. 
I was sitting down at the bar watching the 2011 World Series with many other commissioners and guests at the hotel when Cindy walked in with our Synod Executive.  Right away they sat with us and as I sat beside Cindy (who was tired as she had literally just arrived) we began to talk about the Church, my school work (theological studies major), the baseball game, and many other topics that brought good laughter and wonderful insights from such a wise and thoughtful woman.

This memory is one I will cherish for a long time.  But what I will hold dear to my heart about this faithful servant is how she led by example.  Her non-anxious and gentle presence was simply amazing.  In her service I saw what it was to be Christ-like in service to the larger Church in ways that were transforming not because of her eloquent tongue or wicked smarts but because she listened deeply and cared so much about what was going on in the church and how we could all work together for the common good.  Cindy transformed my life by simply being Cindy.  Listening and loving the only way she knew how, with a gentle presence and loving spirit.

I remember when I posted my blog (see the post here) Cindy being Cindy responded to my facebook post by thanking me for sharing what I thought.  This was very pleasing to my soul because one of the things the YAAD's loved about Cindy was that she cared about what we had to say and what we thought (not that she didn't care about others but she made sure to include us in her conversations).

In the end I give thanks to God for the service and love Cindy shared with so many.  I give thanks that her life continues to live through those of us she touched in very meaningful ways.  But I am also going to bed with a heavy heart tonight as the church has lost a wonderful voice of peace and gentle reason.  May we all strive in our own ways to let Cindy's legacy live through us as she goes on to be with our Lord for all eternity.

Peace be within you all,