Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm an....Aunt??????

Aunt Krista? Sounds kind of weird if you ask me! But as of this time tomorrow evening I will be just that, Aunt Krista.

I have held many titles in my lifetime.  Friend, sister, daughter, co-worker, classmate, roommate, elder, leader, but never aunt.  Each time my life takes a turn, each time I gain another title, I realize that life is precious.  I realize that my life is connected to many lives.  I realize that I have an effect on people and they have an effect on me.  

Tonight I sit, remembering the life of a young woman who died in a car accident one year ago today.  She was an athlete, a smart young lady, a friend to everyone, a daughter, and her life was just beginning.  She made 1 mistake, getting in the car with a young man who was intoxicated, and they both lost their lives that night.  I remember my friend today and tomorrow I will welcome Briley Rae, my niece, into the world.  

I am excited to be part of a new life.  I welcome the responsibility of helping raise a child in this world.  I look forward to working with my entire family to provide love and care for this precious life that is joining us on this road of life.

Tomorrow opens a new chapter in my life, a new chapter for my entire family, and we are all looking forward to the joy of a new child.



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