Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Advent in less than 2 weeks?

WHOA time is flying by! 

It is hard for me to even imagine that Advent begins in just a couple of weeks.  Life is so full of changes and everything is happening at once, yet I am confident that I am where I am suppose to be doing what I am suppose to do. 

In just a couple of days I turn 21, next week I go to Louisville on Thanksgiving day (not the days before, not the days after) to be with my family, and tomorrow I have my first CPM meeting.  In the next 4 weeks I have 2 term papers, 1 essay, 1 poster project, and tons of research/studying to do. The following week I have 4 finals and then I am halfway through my Junior year.  

In two Sundays we will see the Advent wreaths the Chrismon tree's and the purple (or blue) vestments pulled out of the closets.  Lights will appear in the windows, Christmas trees will begin to shine in windows, and "season's greetings" will be shared by many.  But what does this mean?  ANOTHER year of going through Christmas? Another year of singing silent night by candlelight at midnight? Another year to think of a new years resolution that I won't keep? Another year of the same thing?


A friend of mine posted a note on FB today about Advent and it challenged me. He is staying off of FB until Advent is over.  He has come to realize that FB is very time consuming and contributes to the fast paced society that we live in.  He is going to stay off of FB and spend more time interacting with people by writing letters, playing board games, and having coffee.  

I think this is a great challenge and I too plan to follow in his plans.  Keeping from FB and twitter and spending more time being personable, spending more time journaling, more time reflecting, more time being quiet and still as we await and anticipate the celebration of God becoming Emmanuel, God with us.  I do plan to blog, actually (as long as I can do so while keeping up with my studies) I plan to blog each day.  I am going to be keeping up with the lectionary (as usual) but taking time to stop and blog/journal about the scriptures of each day.

My prayer is that everyone may find some way to slow down and embrace this season of Advent.  It is a beautiful season and one of my favorite times of the year.

Peace to you all as we anticipate the anticipation!


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  1. I look forward to your letters! I just bought stamps!