Thursday, February 18, 2010

A reflection...

A reflection on what you may be asking? Well a reflection on water, on baptism. This is in connection with yesterday's blog and reflecting on my baptismal vowels. Today at Spirit Place (Thursday prayer time) we had a station where we reflected on our baptism. I am very thankful, when I reflect on baptism I obviously think of those questions that were asked of me, but I also think about my Grandpa (Papa). It was from him that I learned what it meant to be a humble person, it was in him that I can remember thinking "this is what a reflection of Christ should look like" (no he was not perfect, but he was faithful, humble, soft spoken, loving, and gentle), it was Papa (and Grandma) who made sure we made it to church on Sunday mornings, it was Papa who sung hymns throughout the day and week, it was Papa who was a deacon in the church, it was Papa who stood with me during my baptism and confirmation, it was Papa who encouraged and supported me in everything I did.

Today as I stood at the station, a bowl with rocks and water, a reminder of the waters of baptism. A good reminder of the fact that through Christ we are made clean, our hands are washed and our lives are made new, we are welcomed into a new community, one of believers and brothers and sisters in Christ. It was in reflecting on my baptism today that I was reminded of the fact that I am rooted in Christ, that through this Lenten season I realize that I fall short of the glory of God, yet, I belong to God through Christ I am forgiven and made clean.

It is in reflecting on my baptism, my relationship with God, and even my relationship with my Papa, that I remember where my roots are and at the same time I look forward to Sunday. I look forward to professing faith in Christ to a new congregation and promising to do my part as a member of their church but more importantly as a member of Christ's church. I have to admit, today as I stood there, thinking about my Papa, I know he would be proud of the woman I am today and the woman I am growing into. I know always and forever I will be Papa's girl, but I also know I am a child of God, I belong to the one who knew me and formed me in the womb. I belong to the one who knows my thoughts and feelings, I belong to the one who knows my faults. I belong to the one who loved me enough to send Christ to the cross on my behalf, the one who is merciful enough to give me the opportunity to approach the throne of grace and seek forgiveness.

I miss my Papa, I always will, and each time I remember my baptism, each time I remember the promises I have made, I get to remember the man who was the best example of a Christian that I know. I get to remember my #1 fan, and I get to look forward to continuing to serve and grow in Christ. Knowing I serve a God who provided me with a wonderful role model for many years.

May you reflect on your baptism during this Lenten season, knowing that yes you fall short, but Christ is there to fill in that gap. Thanks be to God!


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