Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Few Days a Camp PYOCA

Most if not all of my friends know two things about me. 1) I'm weird. 2) I'm a nerd.

Last week I was busy stressing about being a senior (maybe a blog on that later) and working 2 jobs, I felt the stress weighing on me and knew I needed to get away. Not too long after this discovery that I was stressed and stretched thin I got really sick and had to go to the hospital.  After some antibiotics and steroids I was feeling better.  Before I got sick I was looking for places to go, to get away, to relax, to escape.  Someone recommended I contact the local Presbyterian Camp, and so I did.  I offered to do any grunt work they could use and they have! 

I am weird in that I did not want to simply "get away" and sit for a few days.  I wanted to do something, in particular some service work, and I wanted to do it somewhere I knew it could be used.  The nerd in me that loves all things Presbyterian has really enjoyed talking with the staff and other volunteers here.  I've had a chance to meet some folks, stick my head into a cluster meeting and say hi to familiar Presby brothers and sisters, and to make new relationships with folks I had met a time or two or never at all.

It has been very refreshing to get away, to get out and work by the lake, to look out the window and see nature all around. To be pretty unplugged for the most part.  But I think most importantly I have been at peace.

During the day we have worked hard digging sand, shoveling gravel, digging trenches, running electrical line through pipes, laying out pvc pipes, climbing ladders, cleaning cabins, helping out in the kitchen, and who knows what other stuff we have done. It has been awesome (I'm weird remember).  It has given me a chance to use my muscles (ones that haven't been used in a long time) to share my gifts, to work hard, and to enjoy just being for a few days.  

Tonight I am sitting in the Lodge, looking out over the lake, I will probably spend some time reading and praying and just sitting and enjoying the stillness of this place before I head to bed early.  Hard work takes the energy straight from you!  I will wake up, have a few achy muscles and will finish running electric to the pumps (a project we started today). It sounded like we would have some sand to move as well, and I look forward to that as well.   After this, it is back to Hanover. Back to sermon prep, back to school work, back to balancing myself and not stretching myself too thin.  

We have had some good laughs this week.  I have met some great people and learned some very useful things about building a septic field...whether or not I'll use those skills again...we shall see.



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