Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nica 2012

Adjusting from Nica time to normal US fast paced be on time society is a bit challenging. I realized that this morning when my alarm went off and I turned it off and went back to sleep, missing church for the first time in ages. I spent the week in community with people I could barely communicate with. I spent a week living on "Nica time" what we Americans would call consistently being late to everything. I spent the week being served by people we view as poor, people who make in a year what I make in a month. And now I am home, home in the US trying to readjust. Trying to process my experience, trying to get back to living and doing so in a way that brings justice to all people.

I realize the impact my decisions have on the lives of people who have had a rough life, those who live in poverty, those who want to live and live well for themselves and their children. I have been a supporter of fair trade goods for a long time now, and this week has shown me how much of an impact this way of just living can have on a community. I can make a difference in the life of children and families in Nicaragua and I can influence my communities to do the same.

It is not just a gift that I was able to have this experience, but it is an obligation to me as well, an obligation to share the story of those I came into contact and relationship with in the past week. I have an obligation to continue sharing the stories of Christ in relation to the people who provide luxury items for us (coffee, chocolate, clothing, art). I have an obligation to the people I have come to love in Nicaragua and the rest of the world around me, to share the love of Christ in the most tangible seeking and doing justice.
Those are my thoughts so far...more to come as I continue to process...
Peace be within you,

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