Monday, January 16, 2012

Nicaragua Experience in photos...

Communion at our closing worship...

The first use of my new communion set
T-Shirts from the Sewing Cooperative
This and the one below it are of the communion set I purchased at the pottery cooperative in Ducuali

The pottery from the cooperative
beautiful work the women do

Gallery of Heroes and Martyrs
A church in Esteli
Coffee beans drying
Chili peppers being grown...Tabasco
The first step of the coffee process is picking these cherries off the tree
my hands after picking the coffee for a few hours

The pulp from the coffee bean being used as an organic fertilizer
The beautiful scenery
A house on the road in Boaco
In Boaco
Look at the size of those carrots!
A market outside of a Free Trade Zone (NOT the same as Fair Trade)
Trash burning on the street in Managua

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