Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crazy day...

Today was crazy...today was scary...today was real.
I got one of those unexpected and scary phone calls that flips your world upside down and puts life on hold. My mom is in the hospital...maybe a stroke...maybe brain tumors...we will know more in the morning. But what I did notice today was how awesome my friends and family are. So many prayers and thoughts lifted up for my mom and all out of love.

God is good, even in the midst of chaos when the world is turned upside down GOD IS GOD...and for that I am thankful. Even if we were to get "bad news" tomorrow, I know that God is still God and God is still with me and my family through it all. Nothing can take that away from me and nothing will make my trust in God go away. Would I be upset, angry, frustrated...sure...that's my mother and I love her and I hate seeing her scared and in pain. But she is not alone...there are hundreds of people praying for her, there are people calling to check in on her, and there are lots of us loving on her.

I might be a little shaken, but my roots are still strong...nothing in this world is strong enough to uproot me and that is the hope that I cling to.

Praying for mom,

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