Friday, July 9, 2010

GA 219-Day 9

Tonight the YAAD's were charged by our Vice Moderator Landon Whitsitt, to be the Timothy's that go out from this 219th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). We were charged to be Christ's light in the world, to exemplify the fruits of the spirit, to continue to be gracious with one another, and to continue the work that has begun here. The theme "Out of the believers heart shall flow rivers of living water" in and of itself is a charge to us. As we leave this place the flood gates are lifted and we take all of this knowledge, passion, love, and excitement of the church with us to all parts of the world.
One of the things I am really excited about is the overture on campus ministries that passed today, being at a Presbyterian school with no Presbyterian Campus Ministries (although we have many other campus ministries) is sad. We wonder why college students leave for school and never return to the church? It's because they go to a place where the church is not present. This reinstatement and focus on collegiate ministries is needed and I look forward to seeing it develop and make a difference in the church and the world.

This week I have had the privilege and honor of serving Jesus Christ in a radical way by serving the church and I am forever humbled by this experience. I am thankful for a church that takes seriously the voice of young adults. I am proud to call myself a Presbyterian and I look forward to what the future holds as this denomination moves forward together to continue working on discerning God's will and how to live in Christ in the world around us.

Are things perfect in the church? NO! Do we all get along? NO! Do we respect each other, care for each other, pray for and with each other, and listen to each other? YES! And that is what is important. I look forward to watching this church continue to stand on the common ground of Christ, putting aside our differences, and focusing on the one thing that we all have in common...Jesus Christ who is head of the church, Lord of our lives, and the One who works for the good of those who love God.

This experience has been amazing. I have served alongside some awesome YAAD's and I look forward to the leadership that is rising in this church. As our Vice Moderator said today "I don't ever want to hear the words frozen chosen again...that was fantastic." We as young adults refuse to be the same old "frozen chosen" and I think we proved that with our energizers, with our energy, with our enthusiasm, and with our boldness. We are not the church of the future, we are not the church of tomorrow, but together with all of our brothers and sisters around the world we are the church of today. And for that I am thankful.

I pray for our Church, for our leaders, for all of those who gave time and energy to be here this week. It has been a long journey, a long road, but one not traveled alone.

Thanks be to God for being the One in control of all that is and is to come.


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