Thursday, July 1, 2010

GA 219-Day 1

So the next 10 or so days I will be blogging about my General Assembly experience!

Today's task was getting to Minneapolis.
This was my first time traveling anywhere alone and flying without more than 15 other people.

I left Louisville at 10:35am heading to Chicago. On this flight I sat next to a young lady who was from Eastern Kentucky! So we talked about the mountains and how awesome Appalachia is. She was heading out to California for a week of hiking and relaxing with some friends. It was cool to have the opportunity to talk about a place that is very dear to my heart with someone who loves the mountains as much if not more than I do. We exchanged numbers and email addresses and I'm sure next time I'm in Eastern Kentucky we'll do some hiking together!

My flight landed in Chicago at 10:35am (Yes, same time I took off...gotta love the time changes) and I had a little over an hour to wait for my next flight. After boarding the plane a few of us were chatting and the young lady behind me was a YAV (Young Adult Volunteer) working in New Orleans. Another lady across the isle from her was a Pastor from San Francisco who is coming to GA for her 12th time!!!

I got my luggage and spotted the local volunteers who had these very nifty aprons on with teh PCUSA emblem. They took our luggage and led us to the bus! As I boarded the bus for the hotels I found myself surrounded by Presbyterians from all over the states sharing fun stories of how they had come to Minneapolis.

After a few challenges checking into the hotel and registering for the Assembly a group of us got together to go out to dinner. I was surrounded by people from ALL over the United States. Alaska, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Georgia, and New Jersey...we all walked the streets of Minneapolis finally settling for some Panera Bread. Then we took the Skywalk (sidewalk that is inside running throughout the city) back to the registration area to get a few questions answered and returned to our hotel for a little swimming.

It has been an exciting day meeting so many people from all over who are excited to be here! We have orientation tomorrow beginning at 9am and I look forward to seeing what the day holds for all of us.


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